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Colonel Joseph R. Scott 19th Illinois Volunteer Infantry

Killed in action at Stones River


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Carte view identified as Joseph Scott of the 19th Illinois Volunteer Infantry. Civilian bust pose of the colonel. Scott would initially form the National Guard Cadets of Chicago in 1856. The unit would later gain national fame when Elmer Ellsworth joined forces with Scott and transformed the unit into the United States Zouave Cadets. When war broke out in 1861 the Zouave Cadets ceased to exist as those members joined other regiments for the war effort. Three companies from the Zouave Cadets would be consolidated and re-designated the 19th Illinois Volunteer Infantry and Joseph would be elected to lieutenant colonel of the regiment in June, 1861. He would resign that commission the following July and be commissioned a full colonel of the regiment that same month. In September of 1861, 129 men from the regiment would be killed or injured when the train they were riding on broke trough a railroad bridge while crossing Beaver Creek and dropping six passenger coaches 60 feet into the ravine below. The regiment would spend the first part of their service performing garrison duty and guarding railroads without any real significant action. They would not see their real first fight until December, 1862 when they were engaged at Stones River. While the 19th made a gallant charge there, Joseph would be severely wounded in the fight when he was struck in the abdomen on December 31, 1862. Sent home to Chicago to recover from the wound, he would linger for months. It would eventually claim his life on July 8, 1863 at his home. Period ink id across the front bottom of this one by Scott reading “J.E. Scott”. It is back marked out of Chicago.

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