Confederate Ambrotype Armed with Rare Fluted Colt Revolver


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Sixth plate ruby ambrotype of this rebel soldier. Seated pose in this simple wood chair, he has that classic Virginia look about him. Most likely belonging to a cavalry unit. Dressed in a button up overshirt, heavy wool trousers and large silk cravat. The top of his knee high cavalry boots is just visible in the lower corner. He also sports this wonderful cap reminiscent of that worn by Stonewall Jackson. Resting in his lap can be seen a very rare fluted Colt New Army Revolver. It is believed that there were roughly about 4000 of these produced with 2230 of them shipped to southern states. 500 of these revolvers were in fact shipped to Peter Williams & Company of Richmond, Virginia. The 6th Virginia Cavalry is known to have been issued some of these revolvers. Whether this individual belonged to that unit is unknown. Regardless, due to the scarcity of the revolver, it is rarely seen in war date images. Much less those that fought for the Confederacy. This one does have some solarization to it as can be seen. It does come housed in a half leatherette case with a lock of brown hair housed inside the case behind the image. Perhaps belonging to this very soldier. Exceptionally rare sidearm!

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