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Confederate Colonel Charles Frederick Henningsen


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Carte view of Charles Henningsen. A former native of Belguim, in 1861 Henningsen offered his services to the Confederate States and on October 14 of that year was appointed colonel of the 59th Regiment, Virginia Infantry known as the Wise Legion, serving in Virginia and North Carolina. As senior colonel he commanded the post at Dogwood Gap and commanded the defenses of Richmond for a short time and was involved in the Battle of Elizabeth City. He resigned in November, 1862 after several disputes with the Confederate War Department and his open criticism of Jefferson Davis. Although he was recommended for promotion to brigadier-general, there is no evidence that he received the appointment. Despite his military experience he never attained distinction in the Confederate service. This one was originally back marked by Anthony but also bears a secondary back mark by Lawrence & Houseworth of San Francisco.

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