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Double ID’d Wallet From Men With the 3rd and 4th Vermont Volunteer Infantry

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Very nice Civil War leather wallet, identified multiple times to John S. Thompson of the 3rd Vermont Volunteer Infantry and Samuel E. McLean of the 4th Vermont Volunteer Infantry. Written multiple times on the interior of the wallet is the notation “John S. Thompson West Glover, Vt.”. There are also multiple ink inscriptions reading “Present to Sam E. McLean Cabot, VT”. Thompson would muster as a corporal with Company B of the 3rd Vermont Volunteer Infantry in July, 1861. He would serve until July, 1865 following a re-enlistment in December, 1863. Over those 4 years he would be promoted 4 times. Sergeant, 1st sergeant, 1st lieutenant and finally to captain in February, 1865. Despite the regiments hard fought war record, he would be wounded but once while fighting at Cold Harbor on June 3, 1864. Samuel Mclean, who was residing in Cabot, Vermont at the outbreak of the war, would muster as a private in Company H of the 4th Vermont Volunteer Infantry late in September of 1861. Samuel would re-enlist in December, 1863 just as John had and would serve until July, 1865 as well. Samuel would however serve his 4 years relatively unscathed. The two regiments would for their part participate in nearly all of the same engagements. Antietam, Fredericksburg, Gettysburg, Wilderness, Spotsylvania, Cold Harbor and many more. Closed this one measures nearly 9″ long and 4″ wide. Fully open it measures roughly 15″. The leather is exceptionally pliable on this one. The front flap of the wallet is identified in ink to “J. C. Kimball Waterbury, Vermont”  with a date of 1918. How Kimball is tied to either of these men is unknown. This does come with some paper work on the two men as well.

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