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Edward Lunt 28th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry Accouterment Grouping


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Grouping of infantry accouterments related to private Edward Lunt of the 28th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry. A former seamen, the 19 year old shed his sea legs for service in the infantry instead. Edward would muster with Company A in March, 1864. Life in the infantry must have proved unfavorable for the young Edward. He lasted about a month as an infantryman before transferring out and opting for a role more suited to his former life. A sailor in the United States Navy. In April of 1864 he would muster as an ordinary seaman on board the U.S.S. Ohio. He would later serve on board the U.S.S. Relief before being discharged in December, 1866. This grouping consists of Edwards US waist belt, US Pattern 1861 cartridge box and tarred naval haversack. He has carved his name into the reverse side of the cartridge box along the right side reading “E. Lunt”. Box has both tins present. The leather is a bit stiff on this one with some crazing and typical wear. Nice chocolate patina to the US plate. The US waist plate bears arrow hooks on the reverse and again shows a beautiful chocolate patina to the plate. This one does still retain the keeper which were usually cut off by the soldier. The leather is stiff on this one as well with crazing to the surface. Edwards tarred wool haversack is unfortunately in a very degraded state. It is very brittle and about as stiff as a board due to the tarred covering. Just faintly across the top can be read “U.S.S. OHIO”  and dates to his service aboard that vessel. Nice little grouping.

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