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Extremely Rare Identified Civil War Marine Charles Marple


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Exceptionally rare, war date image of United States Marine, Charles Marple. Early Marine images are very hard to come by. Even more so when they are identified. Charles is shown here dressed in the M1859 full dress frock coat, fringed epaulettes and buff white leather belt as well the light blue M1859 wool trousers. The Pennsylvania native would enlist in the elite corps in August, 1861 at Washington D.C. In October of that year Charles would be sent to the Marine Battalion at Port Royal, South Carolina. He would remain in Port Royal until March of the following year when Charles was transferred back to the Washington D.C. Marine Barracks for medical reasons. Two months later he would be transferred to the Norfolk, Virginia Barracks and then on to the Brooklyn Barracks in July, 1863. Charles would be the unfortunate recipient of a case of gonorrhea suffering from Orchitis. If you don’t know what that is, look it up. It sounds very unpleasant. Transferred back to Port Royal in August, 1863, he would remain there just 4 months before transferring to the Philadelphia Barracks in December. Late in February, 1864, Charles would be transferred to the U.S.S Bermuda where the ship served in chasing down blockade runners off the Atlantic coast. The following February, Charles would transfer to the U.S.S. Lackawanna serving in the Gulf of Mexico enforcing the blockade. He would remain on board the Lackawanna until July of 1865 when he returned to the Brooklyn Barracks and finally to Philadelphia where he was honorably mustered out of service in August, 1865. In later years, Charles would suffer from a number of medical issues which can most likely be attributed to both the gonorrhea he incurred years earlier and his hard service at sea. He would eventually pass in August, 1903 in Philadelphia. This view has an old note behind the image which reads “Charles Marple 1839 – 1903 Younger brother of Kirk U.S.M.C”. This does come with copies of his pension records and is housed in a full thermoplastic case. Rare view!

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