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Extremely Rare View Castle Reed Andersonville Prison


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Rare carte view of Castle Reed at Andersonville Prison. The stockade was used for Federal officers and was located between the train depot and Camp Sumter. It resembled the larger Andersonville stockade down the road that was used for the general population. Approximately 65 Union officers were held here between February and May 1864. Sometime that spring, imprisoned Union officers were transferred to Camp Oglethorpe outside of Macon, Georgia. Captured officers expected better treatment than enlisted men so they were imprisoned separately. Following the transfer of the officers from this location it was abandoned and left to ruin. It location now sits on private property. This view shows the small stockade surrounded by Confederate guards. Off to the upper right can be seen one of the train cars from the depot. Across the bottom it reads “Castle Reed – Prison for Federal Officers at Andersonville, Georgia”. The original drawing from with this view is taken was done by John Burns Walker of the 141st Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry. John would be captured at North Anna River and confined at Andersonville in mid June, 1864 where he remained for almost a year. Back marked out of Vicksburg, Mississippi. Seldom seen view.

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