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Frederick Hoisington 95th Ohio Volunteer Infantry

Imprisoned at Andersonville

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Gemtype tintype identified as Frederick Hoisington of the 95th Ohio Volunteer Infantry. Frederick would muster with Company G in mid August of 1862. Just days after the regiments organization, they would be ordered to Kentucky where they would take part in the Battle of Richmond. Only 10 days into their enlistment, the new green troops were no match for Confederate forces. The result was an utter disaster for Union troops and nearly the entire regiment would be captured to the tune of some 600 men captured, 8 killed and another 47 wounded. Frederick would somehow manage to avoid the fate of his comrades. The captured men would eventually be exchanged in November but the regiment was kept busy with drill and reorganization until May, 1863 when they were ordered to Vicksburg. They would play a successful role during the Siege of Vicksburg as well as the capture of Jackson, Mississippi. The Battle of Brice’s Cross Roads would take place on June 10, 1864. Frederick managed to escape capture at Richmond, but he would not be so lucky this time. The regiment would go into the battle with 319 men and officers. Following the fight, it would limp back to Memphis with only half that number. Frederick would number among the captured. He would be imprisoned at the infamous Andersonville Prison as well as several others before before being exchanged and discharged in June of 1865. This example has a period ink inscription on the reverse of the card reading “J. Hoisington Co. G. 95th Regt OVI”. 

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