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Generals and Battles of the Civil War Book C.1891


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Unique little book titled “Generals and Battles of the Civil War”. Published in 1891 in Canton, Ohio. This is a very neat little book. It measures 6″ x 5″. There are a total of 43 various Civil War scenes in the book along with 4 pages which feature a collage of various U.S. generals during the war. What’s unique about this book is that all of the depictions in the book are on one continues, folded page. If you open this book up and grab the last page the whole entire book unfolds so that when all of the pages are unfolded you have this single, continuous mural that’s about 10 feet long! If you can sort of imagine how an accordion works, this book operates on a similar process. When it’s closed all of the pages fold onto themselves and when you open it they all expand. In the back of the book is a short description of every scene shown in the book. This one is in stellar condition too. All of the pages are still connected and the binding is solid. Very neat little item!

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