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Interior Carte View Fort Marion, Florida


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Originally built by the Spanish in St. Augustine to defend Florida and the Atlantic trade route and named Castillo de San Marcos, it was finished in 1756. The fort would be a hot bed of activity prior to the Civil War. In 1821, Spain would ceded Florida to the United States and the it would be renamed Fort Marion. It would serve but a small role during the war. Briefly captured by Southern Sympathizers in 1861, it quickly fell into Union hands shortly after and played no significant role during the war afterwards. This view shows an interior section of the fort and it’s age was certainly showing by this time. You can see that most of the stairs to the right leading up to the parapet have completely disintegrated away. A small whitewashed shed sits at the base of the stairs, with a stack of six cannons on the ground to the rear. The masts of a large sailing vessel can be seen protruding above the wall with cannon ringing the parapet. Very nice view. No back mark on this one.

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