Killer Sixth Plate Ambrotype of Two Federal Cavalryman

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If you like killer content this image has it! Sixth plate ruby ambrotype of two Federal cavalryman. These two mates share a very friendly and relaxed pose as they share a drink together. Perhaps brothers. The two sit side by side with the older of the two resting his arm on the other boy’s shoulder. He tips up a bottle to pour a nip into a glass held by the younger boy. He definitely would not be legal in this day and age as he appears to be maybe 16 years old. The older of the two is dressed in a musicians jacket while his younger counter part is dressed in your typical cavalry jacket. Both sport these wonderful slouch caps with the tassel hanging over the side of the brim. Each wears a M1851 eagle sword belt rig with their heavy cavalry saber resting up against their breast. Both of the men are also armed with the M1853 Lefaucheux revolver. The US Government imported about 12,400 of these revolvers during the war of which a large percentage of those were distributed to Kansas cavalry regiments. Mainly the 5th Kansas Cavalry and a handful of other regiments operating along the Kansas Missouri border. They were widely unpopular among the troops and we don’t see them show up in images to often. Exceptional image with outstanding content. Housed in a half leatherette case.

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