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Lieutenant George Burr 25th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry

Wounded at Cold Harbor

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Vignette carte view of Lieutenant George Burr of Worcester, Massachusetts. The former clerk would muster as a corporal with Company A of the 3rd Massachusetts Rifles in May, 1861. A 3-month regiment, they would spend their entire term in the vicinity of Fort McHenry performing guard and garrison duty and remounting the heavy guns. Discharged that August, George would next muster with the 25th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry, serving as a sergeant with Company A following a promotion at Annapolis. The 25th would take part in Battle of Roanoke Island, the expedition to New Berne and the Goldsboro Expedition late in 1862 with George receiving a promotion to 1st sergeant. In January of 1863, George would be promoted again. This time to 2nd lieutenant. The regiment would spend the majority of that year carrying out various duties at New Berne. The first half of 1864 would see more of the same from the previous year. It wasn’t until May that they would take part in the Battle of Drury’s Bluff followed by the blood bath at Cold Harbor. It was during this fight that George would be wounded on June 3rd. By July he had returned to the regiment and would remain present until his discharge in October, 1864. A second view of George can be found on the HDS site and another view of him is housed in the LOC Collection which is shown below. This example is back marked out of Carrollton, Ohio. Possibly taken in June of 1863 when he was given a 30 day furlough to return home or his trip home following his final discharge.

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