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Major General Charles Sanford New York Militia

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Carte view of Major General Charles Sanford. A senior officer in the New York State Militia for over thirty years and commanded the First Division in every major civil disturbance in New York City up until the American Civil War and was instrumental in quelling the New York Draft Riots in 1863. In May 1861, he was ordered by Brigadier General Joseph K. Mansfield to oversee the capture of Alexandria, Virginia as the vast majority the Union troops were from New York and would later took part in the Battle of Hoke’s Run. Present during the New York Draft Riots in 1863, Sanford managed to organize a small force of scattered militia regiments, military troops and home guards from his headquarters at the State Arsenal. He was one of the senior officers who directed police and military during the riots. When receiving reports of the battle between police and rioters at the Union Steam Works, with hundreds of rioters now armed with muskets, swords and pistols, he sent Colonel H.J. O’Brien and 150 men to help police. Lieutenant Eagleson, in command of two 6-pound cannons and 25 artillerymen, accompanied O’Brien into the fight. He would be relieved of his command at wars end. This example is back marked by Anthony.

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