North Carolina Rebel Sixth Plate Pristine Ambrotype


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Wonderful sixth plate ambrotype of a southern volunteer. This young man probably hails from North Carolina. He sits dressed in this very nappy butternut sack coat. I don’t imagine this jacket lasted very long out in the field. Made from very shoddy material, you can clearly see the balled up cotton visible on the exterior of the jacket. He wears the lower portion of the coat open and exposing a vest made of the same material. A row of brass coin buttons run down the face of the jacket. A neck tie is worn which he appears to have repurposed from another source in order to produce the accessory. He is armed with a small .31 caliber Remington-Beals 1st Model Pocket Revolver of which roughly 4500 were produced during the latter part of the 1850’s. Not a very fearsome weapon but was adequate for the purpose of this sitting. Beautiful clarity to this image with slight red tint to the cheeks. Housed in a half leatherette case.hgf

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