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Outdoor Carte View of Confederate POW Camp Elmira Prison

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Very nice carte view of former Confederate Prison, Elmira Prison. Originally a barracks for “Camp Rathbun”, which served as a key muster and training point for newly sworn in Federal troops. The 30-acre site was selected partially due to its proximity to several railways which crisscrossed in the midst of the city. The Camp fell into disuse as the war progressed, but its “Barracks #3” was converted into a military prison in the summer of 1864. It would eventually hold the largest number of Confederate POWs of any Union prison camps. Its capacity was 4,000, but it held 12,000 within one month of opening. The prison camp was in use from July 6, 1864, until July 11, 1865 and was dubbed “Hellmira” by its inmates. During the 12 months that the prison was in operation, 2,970 prisoners would die here out of the 12,100 imprisoned. The last prisoner would leave the camp on September 27, 1865. This view shows several rows of white canvas tents and small white wood structures that were used to house Federal troops. Several of those troops can be seen sitting outside their tents. The stockade wall can be seen off to the left with the Chemung River flowing in the back ground.  This area is now a large housing development unfortunately. Very nice view and back marked out of Elmira, New York.

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