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Private George Kidder 37th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry


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Quarter plate tintype identified as George Kidder of the 37th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry. George is posed here in front of the “Culpepper” back drop where the regiment spent the winter of 1862 – 63. The 44 year old former farmer would muster with Company E in September, 1862. He would be present with the regiment during the regiments first engagement at Fredericksburg as part of the Union’s left. Following Fredericksburg, George would fall ill and would be sent to Washington D.C. to recover. For most of 1863 he would switch back and forth between intervals of working as a hospital nurse and bouts of sickness. The latter part of 1863 and first part of 1864 would be spent sick in the hospital. January of 1864 would see George transferred into the 72nd Company, 2nd Battalion Veteran Reserve Corps. Here he seems to have remained without incident until his discharge in August, 1865. George is shown here dressed in his infantry frock and complete leather accouterment set. His musket held at his side. He stands in front of the backdrop known to have been employed at Falmouth and referred to as the “Culpepper” back drop. Presumably taken sometime in December, 1862. The reverse of the plate has a faint inscription scratched into the plate reading “No 37 Kidder”. It does come housed in a full leatherette case.



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