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Quarter plate ambrotype. Pre- War militia troops

Unique pre-war image


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Quarter plate ambrotype of two pre-war militia soldiers. I would presume possibly a father serving as an officer photographed with his young enlisted son. The officer sits dressed in a dark blue frock and wearing gold bullion fringed epaulets. His kepi is worn with a lower band of red and yellow and decorated with a large ostrich plume. It looks to be the numeral “7” pinned to the front of his cap also. His younger under study sits dressed in this unusual jacket with cloth shoulder tabs. A white buff cross belt and waist belt are also worn. He wears a similar cap minus the plume and numeral. Both cradle a sword in their lap as well. This one does have a crack through it as you can see but it has been taped and is very stable. Some emulsion missing in the lower left hand corner as well. Housed in a very nice full thermoplastic case.

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