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Quartermaster Major James Lowry Donaldson

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Major James Lowry Donaldson. He would serve with distinction during both the Seminole and Mexican-American wars, receiving a promotion to major for gallantry in action. At the start of the Civil War, Donaldson was serving as the Chief Quartermaster for the Department of New Mexico at Fort Union until the fall of 1862, when he was reassigned to the same post for the Middle Military Department in Baltimore. In November, 1863, he was reassigned to the Western Theater serving under his former West Point classmate, Montgomery Meigs. During the Battle of Nashville, he would organize the men of his quartermasters department into a combat unit and would fight during the battle. He is largely responsible for managing the huge supply bases which kept the armies of Grant, Sherman and Thomas moving forward and received their commendations in their official reports. He would serve as Chief Quartermaster of the Military Division of Tennessee from June, 1865, until March, 1869 when he would retire from military service. The war in the west was won, largely due to Donaldson’s efficient management keeping those armies supplied. He would later be brevetted to both brigadier and major general. Back marked out of Boston with a period ink inscription on the reverse reading, “J. W. Black”. 

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