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Rare 5th New Hampshire Infantryman with Purinton & Ham Cap


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Early war ninth plate ruby ambrotype of an unidentified New Hampshire infantryman wearing the rare Purinton & Ham hat. Don’t see this these show up very often. These were issued to member’s of the 3rd, 4th and 5th New Hampshire Volunteer Infantry during the fall of 1861. This fellow however is a member of the 5th New Hampshire who were issued these dark blue frocks with the trimmed shoulder tabs. The caps were not generally favored by the troops. While it did prevent rain from running down the back of the neck with the rear facing visor, in the heat they were sweltering sweat box’s. They lost favor among the troops rather quickly and by mid 1862 they had been largely discarded for more practical standard kepi’s. The 5th New Hampshire had quite the extensive service record. Serving with the Army of the Potomac, they would fight in almost every major campaign from Yorktown to Appomattox. They would bear the unfortunate distinction of suffering the greatest total loss of any regiment over the course of the war. This one does have a small swipe to the left side. Hard to find piece of headgear. Housed in a full leatherette case with patriotic brass matting.

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