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Rare Confederate Melainotype Armed with a Toothbrush

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Extremely unique, sixth plate melainotype of this young rebel soldier. Dressed in a grey or butternut, commutation jacket of very lightweight construction. He wears quite a few layers as you can see those buttons are just about bursting off the jacket. Perhaps taken during winter quarters. What is truly unique about this image, the soldier has cut a small slit in the jacket and run a bone handled toothbrush down through the button hole and out the hole he has cut into the jacket. A very handy way to carry ones toothbrush. I don’t think that much thought has been given to dental hygiene during this period, however, Col. Fremantle describes the average Confederate soldier as with “toothbrush stuck like a rose in his button-hole.”. Really neat content that you are most likely not going to see again. Housed in a half leatherette case.

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