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Superb Double Armed Yank Infantryman

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This is a wonderful composition of a well armed Federal NCO and overflows with plenty of unique content! Sixth plate melainotype of this early war Federal infantryman who focuses his gaze just off center of the photographer. Dressed in an infantry frock, he sports a pair of brass shoulder scales and sergeants stripes while wearing this wonderful forage cap. A pre-war M1832 US artillery waist belt is worn while he has tucked a large Coly Army revolver into the waist just behind the plate. He wears gauntlets in this view while proudly and purposely displaying the M1832 artillery short sword that would have accompanied the belt he wears. I would assume he was unable to acquire a NCO’s sword and this was being used in it’s place. This one is just full of content. In addition it comes housed in a very nice patriotic thermoplastic case.

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