Superb U.S. Navy Masters Mate Carte View


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Wonderful carte view of a masters mate with the United States Navy. This view would date to no earlier than late January of 1864 based on the rank insignia. He strikes this jaunty pose with his arm resting on the pedestal beside him. Dressed in this dark frock with a row of naval officers eagle buttons running up the front of the coat. A single gold star can be seen the cuff of each sleeve as well as gold laurels pinned to the front of his cap indicating his rank as a master mate. A beautiful two-piece navy officers waist belt is worn with the eagle clearly visible on the face of the plate. He is also armed with a sword which can be seen hanging at his side. This view itself is not identified but may in fact be Master’s Mate Robert S. Critchell who served on the gunboat U.S.S Silver Cloud which patrolled the Mississippi River as part of the Mississippi Squadron. A view of Critchell is shown here dressed in the identical uniform and holding the same sword as viewed in this carte view. There are a number of letters online written by Critchell available online including his first hand account of witnessing the after effects of the Fort Pillow massacre. Back marked out of New Orleans. Seldom seen view.

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