Union General Winfield Scott Carte View


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General Winfield Scott. hero of the War of 1812 and the Mexican War, became General in chief of the U. S. Army in 1841, a position he still held at the start of the Civil War. A true professional soldier, he was one of the very few men in the country who saw the need to prepare for a major military effort. His Anacondona Plan proved to be very sound.  He would be succeeded by General George B. McClellan in Nov. 1861 and then retired to write his memoirs. Scott would eventually pass away while at West Point in 1866 where he is buried. A Virginian, he was the only non-West Pointer of Southern origin in the Regular Army to remain loyal to the Union. Very nice carte view of the aged general. Slightly trimmed along the bottom. Back marked out of New York.

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