War Date Framed Letter by Confederate General Pierre G.T. Beauregard

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Beautifully framed, war date letter signed by Confederate General Pierre G. T. Beauregard. 7.5″ x 9″ letter, written on both sides of a single sheet of paper. This one is dated Fairfax County Court House, Virginia, September 27, 1861. The letter itself from General Beauregard to General Milledge Bonham. The first page of the letter written by a clerk of Beauregard reading,

“Fairfax C. H. Va. Sept 27, 1861 Genl G. T. Beauregard to Genl M. L. Bonham. In regards to occupy Lewisville. Detailed instructions to be sent him. In the mean time he is to occupy a position at or near the old court house”.

General Beauregard has then penned his orders to General Bonham reading,

“Fairfax C. H. Sept 27th, 1861. 6 1/2 h P.M. General, Your note from near Lewisville has just been received. It is not desirable that you should occupy the latter place. Detailed orders will be sent you as to your future movements. In the mean time you need not advance any further than the best position about the old court house. in front or near it. I have ordered your commissary to send two or three days provisions for your brigade and that of Genl. Jones. Respy your obt servt. Genl. Comdy 1st Corps A. of P.”

Beauregard has then penned a postscript which reads,

“P.S. Since writing the above you’re orders have arrived and you will act accordingly, resuming with the balance of your brigade your former position at or about Flat Hill. Gen. Jones will return to Germantown”. He has signed it with his initials “G.T.B”

Professionally matted and framed with a period book plate portrait of Beauregard. A specially cut window on the reverse permits viewing of the letter from both sides. Wonderful war date letter by one of the wars most recognizable Confederate generals!

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