Framed carte view of famed Confederate general A. P. Hill

Killed in action in front of Petersburg


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This is a neat item. Litho carte view of Confederate General A. P. Hill. A native of Virginia, Hill had previous service in the United States Army and had fought and served during the Mexican-American War and Seminole Wars. At the outbreak of the Civil War he would side with the Confederacy. He would distinguish himself and gain fame as commander of the “Light Division” during the Seven Day’s Battles and would become one of Stonewall Jackson’s most relied upon subordinates. Hill would distinguish himself at Cedar Mountain, Second Bull Run, Antietam and Fredericksburg. After the Battle of Chancellorsville and the death of Jackson, Hill would be promoted to lieutenant general and take command of of the Third Corps of Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia. He would lead the corps during the Battle of Gettysburg and throughout the 1863 campaigns. He would however battle with illness throughout the campaign and would take a leave of absence, not returning until near the end of the war. During the fight at Petersburg on April 2, 1865 as Hill rode in front of the Petersburg lines he was shot and killed almost instantly. As Union troops advanced and began to break through Hill demanded that they surrender. Corporal John Mauck of the 138th Pennsylvania Infantry instead shouldered his musket and shot the general through the chest piercing his heart. Now this is a cut down carte view of the general which has been placed in a 6th plate brass mat and frame. No back mark is present on the carte itself. It is housed in a near pristine sixth plate, wall mount thermoplastic frame. Beautiful piece!


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