John H. Styles 139th New York Volunteer Infantry

Wounded in action at Bermuda Hundred


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Carte view identified as John H. Styles of New York. At 37 years of age Styles would be commissioned a 1st lieutenant in Company A of the 14th Brooklyn State Militia in mid May, 1861. Three months later he would be discharged for a disability. September of the following year would see him commissioned a 1st lieutenant and adjutant with the newly raised 139th New York Volunteer Infantry. The regiment would see action in a number of engagements beginning with the Battle of Swift Creek. Bermuda Hundred, Cold Harbor, Petersburg and a number of other notable battles would follow. Styles would see little of it. He would be severely wounded during the regiments second battle while engaged at Bermuda Hundred. A bullet would pass through his left foot and a bayonet wound would pierce the right side of his abdomen. Sent to Chesapeake Hospital in Hampton, Virginia to recover he would be discharged for disability in August, 1864. Not one sit on the sidelines, he would be commissioned a major in the 56th New York National Guard just 3 weeks after his discharge. Only a 100 day regiment he would be mustered out of service in November, 1864 ending his war time service. This view shows Styles with the rank of lieutenant. A very faint pencil id on the reverse reads “Capt. Styles”. No back mark on this one. A different view of Styles is listed on the HDS. This one does come come with service records and some genealogical research.

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