Outstanding Triple Armed Rebel Ambrotype

Nice Virginia reb!


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Wonderful sixth plate ambrotype of this rebel infantryman. This view surfaced several years ago at a Madison, Virginia estate sale. Unfortunately there was no name obtained with the image. He is posed here dressed in this 8 button, gray service jacket with matching trousers. The jacket itself being rather plain with no ornamentation other than two slash pockets located on the breast of the jacket. This guy is strapped. Literally! A linen canteen sling is worn over the shoulder with the canteen swung behind him out of view. He also carries to white linen haversacks. One slung over either shoulder with both pushed back behind him out of view, same as the canteen. Presumably posing for this view prior to some anticipated hard marching. He wears a plain leather belt with a single roller buckle with the belt be vastly wider on one side than the other. A Bowie knife is tucked into the belt as well as a revolver. That doesn’t appear to be a Colt Army so I’m not exactly sure what model that actually is. His musket is held at his side with the bayonet attached. This one does come housed in an extremely nice thermoplastic case which is original to the image. Really a killer reb image!

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