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107th New York Infantry Id’d Infantry Tactics Manual

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Very nice, 1862 dated, Casey’s Infantry Tactics Manual, Volume 1, identified to Sergeant Frank M. Cronkrite of the 107th New York Volunteer Infantry “Campbell Guards”. Frank would muster as a sergeant with Company H in July, 1862. The following June he would be promoted to sergeant major. March of 1864 would see Frank transferring into Company E and taking a commission as 2nd lieutenant. His final discharge would come in June, 1865. The 107th would first spill their blood on the battlefield of Antietam losing some 50 men. Equally, they would lose roughly the same amount of men in their next engagement at Chancellorsville. While present at Gettysburg, occupying an area near Little Round Top and later the Baltimore Pike, they would take almost no casualties during the fray. The regiment would fight admirably during the Atlanta Campaign of 1864, battling at Resaca, New Hope Church, Peach Tree Creek and the Siege of Atlanta. Near the end of the year, they would take part in Grants, March to the Sea Campaign and the Carolina’s Campaign of early 1865. This example bears a pencil inscription inside the front cover reading “F. M. Cronkrite Co. E. 107th NY Vols”. He has also added a large “E” along the top edge of the pages. The binding is very solid with all pages and fold outs present. Very solid tactics manual.

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