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22nd New York With Possible ID

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This one is a bit of a mystery. A period ink id on the reverse of this card reads “Henry H. Hewett”. I have been unable to locate any men by that name from any of the three 22nd New York Infantry regiments raised during the war. Nor have I been able to locate any soldier by that name in any New York regiment which would match with this individual. Regardless this image is packed with content galore. This soldier stands, casually leaning in his P58 Enfield musket. Dressed in a Chasseur style jacket and cap, the numeral “22” is pinned to the front of his head piece. He is outfitted with a very unique cap box with a pointed outer flap and the State of New York emblem pinned to the flap. He also sports a rectangular brass belt plate with the letter “H” present on the face of the plate. A rigid, tarred canvas knapsack rests on the ground at his feet with a large numeral “22” stenciled in white on the canvas. His great coat can be seen rolled and strapped to the top of the box as well. I would tend to think he served as part of the 22nd New York National Guard. Really neat view that could use further research. No back mark on this one.

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