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Beautiful Double Cased Ambrotypes Mother, Child and Husband

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This is a wonderful pair of sixth plate, clear glass ambrotypes. Housed in a double sided, patriotic thermoplastic case. To the left sits the husband, dressed in all black and holding a small, plain book. Based on his very simple, black attire and the small book which he holds, I would assume that he was serving as a minister. To the right sits his wife and infant daughter. This view is just gorgeous with beautiful tinting. She sits with her infant child in her lap and holding her tiny hand. Her dress has been tinted this beautiful shade of green while her daughter is dressed in a small pink gown. A large pair of gold hoop earrings are worn as well as a large brooch at the neckline which features the image of what appears to be a woman. These do come housed in a double sided, Lady Liberty case. The opposite side of the case does have a crack in it and is missing a small piece out of the corner. Wonderful pair of images regardless.

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