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Lieutenant Colonel Benjamin F. Sceva 10th New York Cavalry

Twice wounded!

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Superb carte view of future lieutenant colonel Benjamin F. Sceva of New York. Benjamin would first serve with the 1st New York Mounted Rifles after mustering as a private in Company A late in August, 1861. Three months later he would be discharged for a promotion to lieutenant with the 10th New York Volunteer Cavalry. In April of 1862 he would be appointed to 2nd Battalion quartermaster. Returning to the regiment that August, he would receive a promotion to captain in July, 1863. His last two promotions would come in November, 1864 when Benjamin was promoted to major and then to lieutenant colonel in March, 1865. The 10th New York Cavalry saw quite an extensive service during the war seeing action in no less then 20 major engagements. They would fight admirably throughout the war in battles which are now etched in history. Fredericksburg, Gettysburg, The Wilderness, Petersburg, Five Forks and a number of other such significant battles. Benjamin would be present for almost all of it surviving nearly the entire war unscathed. His luck would fade in the waning days of the war. He would be slightly wounded on March 29, 1865 as the V Corps moved to seize control of the advance Confederate picket and outpost positions along the Confederate held White Oak Road Line in the build up to the Battle of Dinwiddie Court House on March 31st. It was during this battle that Benjamin would be wounded a second time but again only slight. Following the battles of Sailor’s Creek and Appomattox Court House, Benjamin would transfer into the 1st New York Provisional Cavalry in June, 1865. With only a few weeks left on his term of service, he would be discharged 3 weeks later in mid July, 1865. This views bears a very nice period ink signature of the reverse by Sceva reading “B.F. Sceva Lt. Col. 10th N.Y. Cav.”. Back marked out of New York. Very nice view!

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