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Outstanding Quarter Plate Melainotype of two Trans-Mississippi Rebs

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Superb early war quarter plate melainotype of a pair of baby faced young rebs! The kid to the left I doubt was over the age of 17 or 18. Both sit dressed in identical button up over shirts with twin breast pockets and grey trousers. You can just make out the the black trouser seam running down the pant leg of the trooper to the left. Both are outfitted with a wonderful wide brimmed black felt hat which each has molded to his own liking. The star sits prominently pinned to the front of one young mans hat. The other looks to have a star pinned to the side of his cap which you can just barely see sticking up above the curled up brim on his hat. The initial thought is that these two men were partisans with Terry’s Texas Rangers. They definitely fit the part and are dressed in a nearly identical fashion as other known views of troopers from that regiment. I would be very interested in seeing more research done on this image as I am quite certain these two men were brothers with the possibility of an identity very plausible based on their young age. A wonderful view regardless. This one does come housed in a half leatherette case.

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