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Private John Stockwell 76th Illinois Volunteer Infantry

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Sixth plate tintype identified as Private John Stockwell of the 76th Illinois Volunteer Infantry. This is actually a really neat image despite lacking all the flare of the armed images which everybody loves. The image is identified by a small slip of paper inside the case which reads “John Stockwell 7/25/62  K  76 Ill Inf”. John would actually enlist with Company K on July 25th of 1862, so this image was taken on the very day he enlisted for the service. Dressed in a corduroy suit and civilian jacket, his only military attire is the kepi he wears with the regiments numerals pinned to the top. He enlisted, received the cap, which most likely was the only part of the uniform available to him, and immediately went off to the photographer. We often see images of men dressed in civilian attire with the exception of a cap or some other singular piece of military attire, and assume they just enlisted and headed off to the photographer. Right here we have the proof that, that’s exactly what happened! We can probably safely assume that this image was taken in Kankakee, Illinois where the regiment was organized. John would go on to take part in the Central Mississippi Campaign, Siege of Vicksburg, Meridian Campaign and Fort Blakely before being discharged in July, 1865. Housed in a full leatherette case with a split spine. Really neat image!

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