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Quarter Plate Cavalryman Ambrotype

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Quarter plate ambrotype of an unidentified Federal cavalryman. Seated pose dressed in his cavalry service jacket, he sports a forage cap and pair of gauntlets. He wears a a belt rig which can be seen worn over the shoulder but that is not an eagle waist plate. I’m not sure what he has going on there, but he is also armed with a M1840 NCO’s sword. Not exactly what I would think you would want to be charging into battle with. He does have a leather sword knot affixed to the guard which leads me to believe this is the sword he was actually carrying and not a prop. One swift blow with that and I’m sure it would have snapped in half. I’m sure he got quite a bit a razzing from the other troops over that one. It is a bit on the dark side. Housed in a rare hinged Boston case in rather nice shape.

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