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Rare 1st or 2nd New Hampshire Infantry Ambrotype

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Beautiful and rare example of the uniform worn by the 1st and 2nd New Hampshire Volunteer Infantry. Wonderful early war ninth plate ruby ambrotype. More often than not this uniform is misidentified as being southern in origin. The regiments would receive the grey uniforms in May, 1861. The uniform consisted of a grey swallow tail coat adorned with six large buttons bearing the New Hampshire coat-of-arms. It was also trimmed in thin red cord around the collar, cuffs and down the face of the jacket. A matching grey cap was also worn with a lower band of red along the base of the cap. The uniforms however proved unfit for military service. They were heavy and extremely hot for service in the warmer southern climates. By July of that year, many had opted for the blue fatigue blouses instead. Many of these 1st and 2nd New Hampshire images are seen taken in this very same studio and are believed to have been taken before the regiment left the state. Our soldier here sports a Colt Navy, supplied by the photographer, and a musket. His brass company letter “H” can be seen pinned to the front of his cap. Housed in a very nice patriotic thermoplastic case. Seldom seen uniform that was only in use for a handful of months!

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