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Stunning 2nd Class MOLLUS Membership Badge

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Absolutely beautiful MOLLUS membership badge. The Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States (MOLLUS), also known as the “”Loyal Legion””, is a United States patriotic order, organized on April 15, 1865, by officers of the Army, Navy, or Marine Corps of the United States who “”had aided in maintaining the honor, integrity, and supremacy of the national movement”” during the American Civil War. It was formed by loyal union military officers in response to rumors from Washington of a conspiracy to destroy the Federal government by assassination of its leaders, in the immediate aftermath of the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. They stated their purpose as the cherishing of the memories and associations of the war waged in defense of the unity and indivisibility of the Republic; the strengthening of the ties of fraternal fellowship and sympathy formed by companionship in arms; the relief of the widows and children of dead companions of the order; and the advancement of the general welfare of the soldiers and sailors of the United States. As the original officers died off, the veterans organization became an all-male hereditary society. The modern organization is composed of male descendants of these officers (hereditary members), and others who share the ideals of the Order (associate members), who collectively are considered “”Companions””. Made of 14K gold with enamel finish, these medals are numbered on the link. This example is numbered “17120”. Those numbered to MOLLUS 1st Class Veteran members are traceable, those named to 2nd Class Companion hereditary members, as this one is, are not traceable. In gold with red, white and blue enamels, weighing 8.7 grams inclusive of its ribbon, measuring 31 mm (w) x 31 mm (h), intact enamel and original ribbon. Extremely fine condition. Just an all around beautiful MOLLUS badge!

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