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Stunning HALF Plate Ambrotype Four Federal Infantryman

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Superb HALF plate ambrotype of four seated Federal infantryman in the horizontal format. Each man seated in a different pose and displaying their individual character. All four sit dressed in Federal infantry frock coats. The two younger boys seated in the middle wearing forage caps while the men seated on either end sport more elaborate headgear. Those two men do have their unit insignia pinned to the front of the cap, unfortunately they are to blurred to accurately decipher but it looks like possibly the numeral “99”. One of the boys wears a large bobby pin on his jacket while the other was issued a pair of trousers much to long for his legs. He wears the pant cuffs rolled up considerably with a large tear seen on one of them. A M1858 smooth side canteen with the cloth cover can be seen laying at one of the boys feet along with the rain cover to one of their caps.  This image is absolutely pristine and crystal clear. Love the content on this one! Housed in a very nice full leatherette case. Killer image!

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