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Unique Sixth Plate Tintype of a Federal Soldier

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Very plain and unassuming sixth plate tintype of a Federal soldier dressed in a service jacket and light blue trousers. More than likely an artilleryman. The interesting part about this image is in the background. He stands on the bare dirt. Behind the man is a painted, military themed back drop which appears to show a company on the parade grounds in the midst of conducting drills. There is a large dirt mound painted into the back drop to blend in with the actual dirt mound he is standing on. Off to the right a miniature hitching post for horses that has been created out of wood and to his left a miniature set of chival de frise made out of small sticks! It’s a miniature sort of camp scene that the photographer has created using these very tiny props. I have never encountered anything like this before. Truly very unique! It does come housed in a half leatherette case. Super neat image!

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