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William Norwood Georgia Artillery Letter Cover

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This is a super cool cover letter addressed to Sergeant William H. Norwood of Georgia. Initially William would muster as a private in Company C of the 1st Georgia Volunteer Infantry. He would serve with the regiment up until March of 1862 when William was mustered out of service. The following month he would join the 14th Battalion Georgia Light Artillery known as the “States Rights Artillery” serving as a sergeant with Company A. He was present on the rolls as late as December 31, 1864 but there isn’t much information available regarding his service in between. He is noted as being wounded however the date and place is not mentioned. William would be paroled in Greensboro, North Carolina on April 27, 1865. Now this is a really neat cover. This was sent to William during his service with the 14th Artillery. The front of the enveloped is addressed “Sergt. W. H. Norwood, T. K. Battery, 1st B.H. ?? Artillery, Army office of Northern Georgia, Atlanta, Ga.”. Now in a demonstration of Southern ingenuity, if you flip the envelope inside out, you can see that is has already been used once. William himself sent it to a Mrs. E. M. Norwood located in Perry, Houston County, Georgia. She in turn folded it over, created a new envelope out of it, and sent it back to William. Really neat! This one is separated at the seems as you can see in order to view the interior. A CSA #12 Confederate stamp is affixed which was printed by two different firms between 1863 and 1864. Super neat envelope!

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