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C.1850’s Outdoor Homestead Ambrotype

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Quarter plate ambrotype of an early homestead C.1850’s. It appears to have been taken during the late fall or possibly early spring as all the trees are absent any leaves. The scene shows a rather large, two story clapboard home. Quite a substantial home for the period, with an additional side porch area and cellar entrance. On the front porch can be seen the family who long ago occupied this beautiful home. To the far end sits the husband by himself. To the opposite end sits his wife, surrounded by two young girls and a young son seated on the end. A quite large carriage house can be seen off to the left which would have been painted red. While this family was by no means rich, they appear to have been doing well for themselves. A row of very tightly spaced small sapling’s runs across the front of the property with two small evergreen trees which have been tinted green. Very nice outdoor view. This one is missing the cover glass. Housed in a half leatherette case.

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