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Captain Frank Horatio Kempton 58th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry

Captured at Petersburg

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Pristine carte view of Captain Frank Kempton of Massachusetts. Initially Kempton would enlist with the 3rd Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry as a corporal in September, 1862. A nine month regiment they would see a small amount of action during the Goldsboro Expedition. The men would be discharged in June of 1863 following the expiration of their term of service. The following January Kempton would be commissioned 1st lieutenant of Company A, 58th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry. He would lead the company at the Wilderness, Spotsylvania and the Battle of the Crater. The regiment would also participate in several assaults during the Siege of Petersburg. It was during one of these assaults that Frank would fall into enemy hands resulting in his capture on July 30, 1864. He would sit out the rest of the war confined to a prison camp in Macon, Georgia before being exchanged in early March, 1865. Kempton would achieve the rank of captain in mid May of that year before being discharged in July. This is a beautiful view of Kempton taken while holding the rank of captain. He would be promoted to captain on May 13th. A cancelled tax stamp on the reverse dates the image to May 15th. Just two days after receiving his promotion. Back marked out of New Bedford. Beautiful carte view.

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