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Flawless Sixth Plate Ambrotype 72nd Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry “Baxter’s Fire Zouaves”

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Pristine and immaculate sixth plate ruby ambrotype of an unidentified member of the 72nd Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry (Baxter’s Fire Zouaves). Shown here dressed in the distinctive Americanized Zouave uniform worn by the regiment. The uniform consisted of a Zouave jacket trimmed with red without a tombeux on the jacket, sky-blue trousers with a red stripe down the leg, a sky-blue Zouave vest trimmed in red, white gaiters, and a dark blue kepi. The jacket was decorated with 16 ball brass buttons down the front of the jacket They are often confused with the 95th Pennsylvania Infantry (Gosline’s Zouaves). The regiment was recruited from fireman from various points throughout Philadelphia and would go on to earn themselves an admirable war record. Taking part in the Peninsular Campaign, they would see their first bit of fighting during the Battle of Seven Pines.  It would be followed up in rapid succession with the battles of the Seven Days before Richmond, Savage Station and the Peach Orchard, Malvern Hill and Chantilly. The regiment would suffer relatively light casualties despite the constant fighting. They would not be so lucky at Antietam. Fighting along the West Woods, nearly half of the regiment engaged would be lost losing over 200 men in the hotly contested fight. The 72nd would end the year with the Battle of Fredericksburg and the loss of a handful more men from the regiment. As 1863 dawned, so did the start of the miserable Mud March. July of 1863 would find the regiment on the field of battle at Gettysburg. Here on July 2nd they would support Cushing’s Battery near the Angle early in the day before counter charging the enemy that evening pushing them back across the Emmitsburg Road. On the 3rd they would occupy the wall helping to repulse Pickett’s Charge. 197 men from the regiment would be lost during the battle. The Bristoe Campaign would begin in October with fighting at Bristoe Station and Locust Grove to end the year. With 1864 and a new year of war, the men from the 72nd would join in the Rapidan Campaign. The Wilderness, Spotsylvania Court House, North Anna River, Cold Harbor and a handful of others. Following the Mine Explosion in late July, the regiment would leave the front and head for home. In total 264 men from the regiment would never return back to Philadelphia. This example is exquisitely tinted! With differing hues of blue and trimmed in red, this one is a work of art! It does come housed in a full parotitic thermoplastic case as well as parotic brass matting. Gorgeous image!

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