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Quarter plate Ambrotype Confederate Artilleryman Enjoying a Glass of Wine

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Absolutely wonderful quarter plate ambrotype of two Confederate artilleryman from one of the Virginia Heavy Artillery batteries. I don’t believe I have ever seen a pair of rebs posed in this manner before. It is certainly a unique and spectacular view. These two good time Charlie’s sit dressed in grey double breasted frocks and trousers trimmed in red. One of the men has his cap resting in his lap with the letters “H A” pinned to the top. Unfortunately the numerical designation cannot be seen. The two sit each holding a glass full of wine with one of the men wrapping his arm around his fellow cohort preparing to top off his glass from a bottle. We see this type of scene played out often in images of Federal troops but I can’t recall ever seeing such an example of Confederate troops doing so. Very unique content for sure. One of the men has an “X” scratched into the emulsion above his head. I would presume this was an indication he may not have survived the war. Unfortunately neither of the men are identified. Rare and wonderful gem!

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