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Killer Sixth Plate Union Drummer Tintype

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Outstanding sixth plate tintype of a Federal drummer. I love this pose! Outdoor view of this drummer as he sits atop his eagle drum. He’s putting a lot of faith in that drum head in this view. The painted eagle along the side of the drum is clearly visible. Unfortunately there is no regiment information painted on the drum. Striking this very casual pose, he holds his rosewood drum sticks in his hand. He sports a 4 button sack coat worn open with only the top button fastened. Interesting to note that at some point he lost the last button on the bottom of the coat and has sewn a large wooden button on in it’s place. His cap bears a very faint shade of red. One of the more unique drummer views I have seen. This one comes housed in a mint and very rare George Washington thermoplastic case. Just an overall great drummer image. This one does have a slight wrinkle in it although not distracting.

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