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Lieutenant Robert Weedon 4th Virginia Cavalry

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Spectacular ninth plate, early war ambrotype identified as Lieutenant Robert Weedon of the 4th Virginia Cavalry otherwise known as “The Prince William Cavalry”. Created in September, 1861, under the command of General J.E.B Stuart and assigned to the brigade of General Fitzhugh Lee, they would see no shortage of fighting serving in the Army of Northern Virginia. The regiments first test would come during the Battle of Williamsburg in May, 1862. For the remainder of the war, the men of the 4th Virginia would be in the thick of it all. Antietam, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, and the list goes on and on. At the surrender of the war, only 2 men would be present present. The remainder had cut their way through Federal lines and escaped. Weedon, who had mustered as a corporal 4 years earlier, would receive a promotion to 2nd lieutenant in September of 1863. A rank he would hold for the remainder of the war. Earlier that May he would have a close call which nearly ended his military service. During the Battle of Seven Pines his horse would be shot out from under him throwing the Virginian to the ground. He would be wounded some two years later on May 15, 1864, however the location of the wounding is not mentioned in his service records. The lieutenant would be among the group of men who had cut their way through Union lines near the end of the war hoping to continue the fight. The attempt would be in vain. Weedon would be captured on May 5th near Fairfax Court House. He would be paroled not long after his capture, return to Fauquier County and be awarded the UDC’s Southern Cross of Honor during the post war years. Robert would remain in Fauquier County until his death in 1906. He is shown here dressed in a blue frock and wears a plumed Hardee hat which many of these early war Virginia cavalryman were fond of. A non-regulation brass bugle device is pinned to the front of the hat. He can be seen tightly griping his sheathed saber and what appears to be a standard Model 1851 U.S. sword belt plate peeks out from behind the sword’s pommel. This image was originally purchased from the Weedon Family from Warrenton , Virginia and was part of the prominent Tharpe Collection of American Military History. It was also exhibited in the Liberty Heritage Society Museum located in Warrenton. Superb image of this Virginia cavalryman. Housed in a near mint thermoplastic case.

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