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Killer Quarter Plate tintype Regimental Winter Quarters

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Absolutely fantastic quarter plate tintype which appears to show an entire company photographed during winter quarters. There most be at least 50 men photographed in this view. There’s so much going on in this view it’s almost impossible to describe all of the intricate details. A number of men are shown holding axes. Perhaps taking a break from constructing the log hut shown in the back ground. The photographer apparently caught the group of men during chow time as quite a few are shown holding their tin cups and plates. A young boy who appears to be about 10 years old sits in the front row dressed in his uniform. Perhaps the drummer for the company. Just about every manner of clothing can be seen worn here. The hills off in the distance are obscured by either fog or perhaps smoke from the countless camp fires that come with a large encampment. A rickety log hut stands behind the men if not only barely. Looks to be quite a structure with plenty of holes in it to let the wind blow through it instead of blowing it over. Quite a spectacular image. Housed in a full thermoplastic case with the unique convex cover glass.

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