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Outstanding Grouping Identified to Herman Gardner 113th Illinois Volunteer Infantry

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Superb war date grouping of personal items belonging to Herman Gardner of the 113th Illinois Volunteer Infantry. Herman would enlist for the cause during the summer of 1862 in Chicago. Initially he would become part of Captain Clarks 3rd Board of Trade Regiment. That regiment would then be organized and become the 113th Illinois Volunteer Infantry. In November, 1864 Herman would receive his one and only promotion to the rank of 2nd corporal. He would serve for 33 months with the regiment and he would be present for duty through all of it! The regiment would first take part in Grant’s Mississippi Campaign and then Sherman’s Yazoo Expedition. They would take part in the Battle of Chickasaw Bayou and Arkansas Post in late 1862 and early 1863. It would be followed by the Battle of Port Gibson and then Champions Hill before taking part in the Siege of Vicksburg. Their last fight would come at Brices Cross Roads in 1865 before being mustered out of service in June of that year. Groupings like these do not surface very often any more. Consisting of Herman’s personal items which he carried during the war to include his US waist belt, camp knife and fork, “US” issued and dated 1861 matches, small wood container which holds a number of various poker chips, ink well and his Belgium 9mm Lefaucheaux revolver. The revolver itself is in wonderful condition and completely functional with the serial number “2068”. Also included in the group is his original muster in certificate, his promotion to 2nd corporal and his discharge certificate. A sixth plate tintype of Herman also accompanies the group along with a cdv album containing 46 views of varying dates. There are a few soldier images in there that are not identified including one of Gardner seated with a fellow soldier. There are several really neat views in the album as well that are not military related. An identified ninth plate tintype of a young woman is included as well but I don’t know what her relation is to Herman.  A number of research documents and Herman’s service records are included. Really neat grouping that are getting hard to find!

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