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Stunning Quarter Plate Melainotype Virginia Officer

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Stunning quarter plate melainotype of this Confederate officer from the state of Virginia. No doubt from a very well to do Virginia family. Early war image and taken not long after being outfitted in this fine uniform. He wears the rank of captain. Dressed in this well tailored and private purchase blue uniform consisting of a short jacket with the collar trimmed in gold tape and matching blue trousers. Probably one of the most spectacular pieces of Civil War headgear I have seen rests on the table at his side. Just a magnificent M1858 Hardee hat with gold braid and acorn tassels wrapped around the base. A brass infantry horn is affixed to the front of the cap which is placed over a large circular piece of felt with the border edged in gold braid. The side of the hat is pinned up with a “Jeff Davis” brass hat badge which is affixed to a identical large circular piece of felt. Both of these would have been supported by a stiff leather backing. He is outfitted with a brand new Emerson & Gaylord sword belt rig which features a beautiful cast Virginia sword belt plate and M1860 Ames sword. It is known that the 1st and 2nd Virginia Cavalry received these belt rigs but they were also handed out to a few other regiments as well. Unfortunately I have not been able to identify this handsome officer as of yet. This officer no doubt served in the Army of Virginia and saw more than his share of action! There is a slight amount of yellowing to the varnish on this one but what a beautiful image! It does come housed in a full leatherette case. Further research could potentially identify this well dressed Virginia officer.

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