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Superb Quarter Plate Confederate Officer

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Absolutely wonderful quarter plate ruby ambrotype of this Confederate infantryman. Probably an officer I would presume. Mississippi or Louisiana would be my guess. He definitely has that Creole appearance. Dressed in this 8 button grey frock with a large breast pocket cut on an angle. You can see where he had a large tear in the flap of the jacket there by his thigh and it was repaired. Matching grey trousers and this fantastic grey felt cap which he holds in his lap. Wearing a two piece interlocking waist plate. It’s either an eagle or a pelican on the front. I believe it’s a M1845 two piece eagle militia plate but I’m not entirely certain. Both the buttons and face of the plate are heavily gilded. His hand rests on an early militia sword positioned at his side. One small blemish by his face but otherwise a killer image! Housed in a full leatherette case.

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