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Superb Identified Members of the 7th New York State Militia

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This is a really neat carte view of three identified members of the 7th New York State Militia. The three members ham it up in this view, dressed in their splendid New York State Militia uniforms while they were encamped at Camp Cameron during the spring of 1861. One of the men leans in, resting on his musket with a cigar clenched in his teeth, while his two comrades sit side by side. The center fellow glances off to one side while the other two men are embraced in a staring contest. I love how the one man has the pant leg of his trousers rolled up with something tucked into the fold while the other pant leg is worn in a normal fashion. The three men are identified on the reverse as Joseph Lentilhon, Samuel Curtis and James Ray. This carte view was once part of the esteemed collection of Michael McAfee. The reverse of the card bears a period pencil inscription reading “Joe Lentihon_ J. Ray_ S. Curtis, Camp Cameron, May – 1861″. James and Joseph would have nearly identical service records. Both would muster into Company K of the 7th New York State Militia in late April. 1861. Mustered out that June, they would next muster into the 7th New York National Guard in May of 1862 on the same day. Discharged that September, both men would muster into the 7th National Guard a second time on July 20, 1863. As far as Samuel Curtis is concerned, I could not locate him listed in the roster. There are two men listed in the regiment with the same last name, however they are not Samuel. I tend to think he is either misidentified on the reverse of this card or he is listed under a different first name. These three men seem to have shared a very tight bond, so I would presume his service was nearly identical to the other two men. Further research may be able to put the correct identity to each man shown in the view. Just a superb character study of these three men.

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